Dear Students,
Advance mathematics plays an important role in SSC-CHSL & CGL exams. In Pre-exam at least 8 to 10 questions are asked which scores 16 to 20 marks in preliminary exams & in mains exam Tier-2 it plays very important role. If students miss advance mathematics in Tier-1 they could score good marks but not excellent but not in Tier-2 Mains exam. Tier-1 exam question asked in 2016 few of them has been given below.

Let me tell you clearly, if you think that you can prepare you advance mathematics after Tier-1 exam result for Tier-2 that depends students but that is mostly risky. So always be ready for all type of challenges either for Tier-1 or Tier-2.  For more SSC-BANK LAST YEAR QUESTION PAPERS you can visit 

Many students think that advance mathematics is very hard to learn but it is only for them who does not know what to prepare and how to prepare. For this right mentor is required who could guide you properly point to point not  that who misguide you. For this it has been found by the students that SSC CAOCHING GHAZIABAD- ST CAMPUS plays excellent role in carrier guidance. Students can and ask for career guidance. 

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    Please update some english questions related to errors & antonyms and synonyms which are asked in exams.


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